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Cardiac Rehab

Reduces Cardiac Risk Factors

With Cardiac rehab, the risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, genetics, sedentary lifestyle etc are improved and the risk of another chest pain or hospital admissions are reduced

Strengthens the Heart

Cardiac Rehab Strengthens the heart muscles and improves the health of the heart in patients with Heart failure, LV dysfunction, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) etc

Diabetes by Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab fixes the root cause of Type 2 diabetes. Cardiac Rehab enhances the muscle efficiency and upregulates the insulin receptors on the muscles. This will increase the baseline utilization of glucose and reduces the insulin resistance.

Improves Metabolic syndrome

Cardiac Rehab is a proven recommendation to improve Lipid profile, body composition control blood pressure, reverses Poly Cystic Ovarain disease (PCOD) etc and improves the Quality of life